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On the 23rd of November 2015, Cyber Trace Limited signed an agreement with the Logistics Innovation for Trade (LIFT) Challenge Fund, to lead a consortium with Kimetrica Limited in implementing a project titled ‘Mining and Visualising Tracking Data for Increased Trade Efficiency and Transparency’. The consortium will develop a flexible package of vehicle and freight tracking services, including a range of quality and quantity load or shipment monitoring services that allow transporters and suppliers to detect and diagnose some of the most critical challenges facing their sector; logistics challenges including the syphoning and adulteration of fuel cargo in transit, reckless driving, unplanned driver absence, unexpected or unnecessary stoppages and roadblocks, or poor vehicle repair practices.

The project will respond initially to the logistics risks in the liquid and gas supply chains (with the potential extension to bulk grains and cement), that are commonly acknowledged throughout East Africa (and elsewhere in the continent). The primary objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of haulers and distributors to undertake early diagnosis and subsequently better manage the key threats facing the industry. A secondary objective is to provide relevant data on syphoning and adulteration to support improvements in regulatory and law enforcement responses. The primary project beneficiaries will be the end consumers of petroleum, milk and vegetable oil products, as suppliers will be better able to control the degree of syphoning and adulteration, leading to a reduction of the risk being reflected in the long run in lower consumer prices and enhanced product quality. Importantly, consumers, in the case of fuel adulteration, will be protected from the critical risks associated with adulteration, that impact on vehicle maintenance and serviceability, and result in unnecessary mechanical problems, breakdowns and low fuel efficiency.

From data mined with the tracking systems, Cyber Trace will be able to map hotspots for delays, syphoning and adulterations along the primary and secondary trade routes. Cyber Trace’s service will thus be able to generate statistically reliable evidence on the extent of the problem. This will enable regional and national regulatory bodies, as well as law enforcement agencies, to focus their detection and control measures. Cyber Trace, therefore, anticipate their project having a significant social impact, making a substantial contribution to the public good. Ultimately, the use of the system will lead to increased efficiencies in the transport and logistics sector and a substantial improvement in the quality of the cargo being delivered throughout the region.

“Quality control measures with liquid bulk handling across East Africa has proven to be a real challenge, especially with regard to accountability and the effect it has on the end consumer. Our technology and data analysis package will help the industry gain a clearer understanding in applying process change. Our system will also look to create a quality assurance stamp that stakeholders can apply in order to gain further consumer confidence. We are very excited that the LIFT Challenge Fund will enable us to deliver the tools and message to the East African community and the African continent.”

– Shreyas Patel, Managing Director, Cyber Trace Ltd.

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