LOGISA: Logistics Innovation and Information System East Africa


The LOGISA consortium, consisting of TransportLAB and Cofano Software Solutions, was awarded a grant by the Logistics Innovation for Trade (LIFT) Challenge Fund in November 2015 to implement their project of establishing an East African supply chain platform that will comprise several modules geared to offer customers the best solution for their transport requirements, based on predefined transport, safety and quality criteria. Shippers that have access to the platform will be able to request quotes for transport services (including handling, insurance, warehousing, etc.) from closed user groups of service providers. Once the quote is accepted, the transport orders can be executed and full track-and-trace options will guide the transport and related documents towards their final destination, giving alerts when the transport is not executed according to the agreed planning, at status changes, or when the transport enters certain geo-fenced areas.

The LOGISA project will also deliver a so-called community system that focuses on supporting the interactions between users and organisations. Any content such as blogs, articles, ideas, events, wikis, tasks etc. can be shared, commented on, liked, rated and distributed to a wider audience, etc. The LOGISA Community part of the system will eventually be available for all individuals and organisations who are participating in the transport and logistics system, thereby creating a ‘voice of the market’. Secondly, it will allow access to all parties, whether they are big multinational companies, SMEs, trade – and branche organisations (like TATOA, TPSF, Chamber of Commerce etc.) to create their own communities where they can exchange knowledge, ideas, practicalities, build a WIKI knowledge base etc. for their stakeholders.

The project implementation is structured into 6 milestones:

  • Milestone 1 (Dec 2015) – producing the functional and technical design documents
  • Milestone 2 (Feb 2016) – creating and delivering the operational community platform
  • Milestone 3 (June 2016) – delivering and integrating the operational supply chain platform
  • Milestone 4 October 2016) – a target of 20 logistic service providers utilizing the system
  • Milestone 5 (December 2016) – 300 transit units (min 5MT) or 1.500 Harbour tonnes (Htn) (m3 or mtn, whatever greater per unit per month, are handled through the LOGISA system)
  • Milestone 6 (March 2017) – participating users report a reduction in cost per tonne kilometre (TKM) of at least 15%

Project Objectives

  • The project aims to improve the work environment for women and unskilled labourers while improving service ‘quality’ and other social aspects of doing business through a sharing and nurturing of knowledge and expertise amongst all layers of the population.

  • LOGISA will act as a catalyst to promote business by providing higher levels of logistics services all along the supply chain, thereby increasing the business attractiveness of the entire East African region.

  • The LOGISA system will facilitate quotes, transport tasks, insurance quotes and service quality while selecting the fastest and/or cheapest way to transport goods with any qualified company, whether big or small.

  • Use of the LOGISA system will lead to increased efficiencies and a reduction of transport costs, at the same time triggering a growth of cargo volumes.

  • The LOGISA project will give all participating parties a voice in organizing the supply chain; large and small companies having equal access rights to the benefits and changes brought to the transport sector.

  • The LOGISA Community system is advocated to facilitate -all national and EAC trade-, branche and other transport related organisations: to create their own communitie(s) for their own stakeholders and purposes, making use of each other’s networks if desired.

  • The LOGISA Supply Chain System can eventually also be opened to other companies (multi-tenant) and other countries beyond the EAC. LOGISA Company will be created as an independent and neutral company to manage the platform.


The implementation of this project will help to promote freight and logistic development in East Africa and have significant economic and social impacts. It will offer equal access to enhanced logistics services for all supply chain companies while also creating transparency and trust between them.

“Ultimately the use of the LOGISA system will lead to what we call: YOUR SOCIAL SUPPLY CHAIN. A smart supply chain system to execute sustainable transports, supported by a wide variety of relevant and active online communities, bringing together the accumulated knowledge of all involved organisations on a social friendly manner”

– Paul Swaak, CEO TransportLAB.

Progress can be followed at or you may join the (beta) community at Furthermore, you may have a look at LOGISA infographic which can be found at