Graben 4PL, in partnership with We Think Software Solutions (WTSS) and BYVEC Ltd, supported by a grant from the Logistics Innovation for Trade (LIFT) Challenge Fund, will implement a quality management system (QMS) to improve transport and logistics efficiency and cargo handling capacity through supplier integration and the establishment of interactive databases of logistics and transport service providers (actors), such as truckers/transporters, drivers, and warehouse operators. The system will highlight their respective capacity/capabilities so as to match demand requirements amongst various supply chain actors with products of these suppliers. This exchange of technical information addresses the buyer’s need for assistance with problem solving in specific procurement situations, be it warehousing or transportation service needs. It presents the customer with the opportunity to select the specifications that will give optimal performance.

The system will also reduce cost integrated logistics solutions by enabling clients and transport service providers to improve their own logistics management by participating in supply chains and project logistics without directly owning the structures and assets required to run an efficient logistics organization or department – thus the 4PL model. The system will bridge the supply capacity and standards gap between the local small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and standards required in various value chains through integration and supplier development. This will make the SME’s visible in the market and will complement their marketing while the compliance monitoring coupled with the use of the technology will keep them in check on standards thus enabling SME’s participation and access into major products and value chains.

The project implementation is structured into 6 milestones:

  • Milestone 1 – prototype developed by month 5 of the project

  • Milestone 2 – fully tested system by month 8 of the project

  • Milestone 3 – 25 truckers and 3PL suppliers registered by month 12 of the project

  • Milestone 4 – 4,500 tonnes per month cargo passed through system by month 12 of the project

  • Milestone 5 – at least 30 active vendors using platform by month 18 of the project

  • Milestone 6 – 10% increase in freight volume reported by active vendors by end of the project

Project Objectives

  • The project seeks to implement a robust platform and quality management system to improve transport and logistics efficiency and capacity, through integration, compliance and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring, management and capacity development as well as promotion of asset/equipment integrity and optimization.

  • The system will contain a functional and interactive database and management system of vendors in the region with their assets and organizational credentials summarized in detail to provide supply chain visibility for both inventory and in-transit activity whilst enabling vendor feedback. Thus, it will be a source of commercial, technical and administrative information making SMEs more visible, informed and active in the market place. It will also enhance collaboration, hence optimal asset utilization, by promoting local content participation in value chains and project logistics through a supplier development programme. In addition, it will ensure vendor KPI and standards compliance monitoring therefore promoting secure value chains.

  • The project system will be used by logistics service buyers for the evaluation of various possible vendors through profiling and rating of vendors in accordance to compliance, standards, and capacity when a procurement decision is to be taken. This information will be used to establish who the exchanging partners in a specific value chain will be.


The project seeks to introduce a logistics platform in Uganda to improve transport and logistics efficiency and capacity.

“I believe that this project represents the implementation of a new idea in Uganda’s freight logistics industry. Other attempts, even in the EAC, have remained very basic without much value to showcase. Using the infrastructure, intellectual capital, market knowledge and experience, the innovation in service offering will be realized within the project.”

– Hussein Kiddedde (CMILT) – Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Graben 4PL