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Cybermonk Software Development (Limited Since December 2015) was established in 2011. They offer software solutions to different business sector players, stakeholders and experts depending on their needs. Cybermonk has been a partner in the development of software products such as ‘Clinic-OP’, a medical patient records management system for clinics; ‘Industriale’, which is an application software used for inventory management, orders and purchase processing, operations tracking and remote data input; the Sacco Activity Management and Tracking System (Sacco-SYS) used for management and tracking all Sacco or Welfare Group operations; and, lastly ‘Rapid Entry’ which is used for rapid filing and/or generating documents required for customs processes to clear goods.

With the signing of their Grant Agreement with the Logistics Innovation for Trade (LIFT) Challenge Fund, in December 2015 Cybermonk, in partnership with Manifest Destiny Limited and Teos Company Limited, will provide a freight forwarding and logistics management and monitoring software system (C&F PRO Online). The system will be available and accessible not only to C&F Agents, but also all importers and exporters, transporters and the general public via internet browsers and smartphones. The system will allow users of the system to monitor, or measure the efficiency of the whole logistic industry or individual companies, by using C&F PRO online system tools, offering an enhanced ability to analyse the large amounts of operational data that characterise the logistics and transport sector.

The system will be an extension of an already proven freight Forwarding and Logistics Desktop Software Solution called C&F PRO CD-Rom based desktop system that is currently in use. C&F PRO On-line will utilise most of the logic and algorithms of the desktop system to provide an easily accessible online system (distributed web application) at very low subscription fees to make it available to all interested users in the region.

C&F PRO Online will provide substantial additional features not found in the current desktop system, such as transparency of operations during the goods clearing and transportation process. The system will also provide easy monitoring through notifications/alerts and updates on the clearing and transportation activities carried out in freight forwarding operations to the importer (by smartphone or computer) who would then be able to directly push the transporter to clear and deliver goods on the agreed time schedule, promptly paying any remaining balances to the C&F agents on time and eliminating disputes where storage and demurrage penalties are incurred on C&F agents and eventually the importer.

The project’s aim is to enable timely and efficient clearance of goods from the port with greater levels of cleared and delivered goods being secured with similar resource usage, while also improving the quality of service, working discipline and practices of the region’s freight forwarding industry, raising standards to internationally benchmarked norms. The project will also create highly skilled customer service departments along with increasingly efficient execution of C&F tasks in C&F service providing companies, which will in turn reduce the storage and demurrage penalties ultimately transferred to the end consumer.

“C&F PRO online will provide a ranking efficiency index generated by users reflecting their satisfaction with the work done by C&F Agents and Transporters. This will in turn promote healthy competition, driven by a growing adherence to the provision of higher operating standards within the freight forwarding sector.”

– Michael Mulela – Director, Cybermonk.


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