Project Concept Note Assessment Criteria

(by the Review and Assessment Panel (REP))

Project Attribute

1. Technical


Do the proposed activities address the goals and objectives of the project in general and the grants programme specifically? Are the proposed activities likely to produce clearly defined and desired results?


Is the need addressed relevant and within the broad programme areas?

Level of Innovation

What is the degree of innovation contained in the project approach – in terms of a new approach or an application of new approach in a new context or geographic location?

Social impact

What are the social impacts on direct and indirect beneficiaries?

Development Impact

LIFT’s impact is to contribute to TMEA’s objective of reducing transport time along the main EAC transport corridors, therefore does the project contribute to this?

2. Organisation capability

What is the capacity of the applicant(s) to deliver the intended outputs?

What indicators exist of the likely sustainability of the project after LIFT funding has ended?

3. Potential for replicability – Can the project be easily replicated in another country?

Can the project be easily replicated in another country?