LIFT uses a transparent and open competitive process to assess and identify the most promising project proposals. LIFT will solicit proposals through media advertising, specially tailored workshops and seminars, and direct contact with businesses. A simple online application form and guidance note is available to applicants who will then have to submit a brief concept note of their project idea to propose in 6 weeks.

The concept notes are vetted by the Fund Manager and submitted to the TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) Review and Evaluation Panel (REP), that decides on which applicants should be invited to submit full proposals. Short-listed applicants are then given a further time of 6 weeks to prepare a complete proposal.

The LIFT Fund Management team (FMT) will guide short-listed applicants through the process of preparing proposals. The team helps to ensure that the content of submitted proposals:

  • shows how the efficiency of the transport and logistics industry will be improved;
  • contains information on costs and benefits; and
  • demonstrates how the project will deliver value for money while demonstrating the applicant’s capabilities to implement the project along with monitoring and evaluating its impact.

Proposals are then submitted to a team of experts, the Investment Committee, who decide which projects LIFT will fund. The Fund Management Team then signs a project Grant Agreement with successful bidders, setting out what they will be expected to deliver and how LIFT will provide its funding. Project implementation is the responsibility of the applicant with LIFT monitoring their performance and progress through a solid Monitoring and Evaluation framework.

LIFT follows a three stage process highlighted below:

Project Concept Notes

Full Proposals

Contract with Lift

A more thorough outline of the process can be found here:

  • Interested parties submit their Project Concept Notes (PCNs) outlining their strategies and objectives behind their ideas.

  • LIFT Review and Evaluation Panel reviews all Project Concept Notes and shortlists the most promising applications.

  • Shortlisted applicants are invited to a workshop, for a briefing on how to submit a detailed proposal; the workshop provides a forum for requests for clarifications or answers to any questions on the preparation of proposals.

  • The LIFT Team conducts a due diligence assessment on potential partners by visiting their company. The proposals and LIFT due diligence reports will be presented to the Investment Committee for their final selection.

  • LIFT enters into contract negotiations with successful applicants. The contracting stage will follow three key steps:

     ⦁ LIFT will work with the firm and/or consortia to develop a project ‘logic model’ and a framework for monitoring the results of the project.

     ⦁ LIFT will work with the firm to define milestone-based payments and key M & E indicators which will serve as payment triggers for the release of LIFT grant funding; and

     ⦁ LIFT will work together to assign specific activities with projected budget expenditures (relating to what the company and LIFT will provide).
  • Contracts (A GRANT AGREEMENT) are then signed and the project begins implementation.